New VLB-36X Launched

Following on from the updated VLB-44X, Sabik Marine have now released the new VLB-36X mid-range LED marine lantern.

Like its sister product and well proven Vega VLB-44, the new VLB-36X is the latest example of the on-going research and development of the Vega product range since Vega Industries was acquired by Sabik Marine in 2017.

The VLB-36X has taken the design and performance of the VLB-36, and with the technical and development resources of Sabik Marine, they have produced an even better product for marine AToNs with  4 – 7NM range requirements.

The new VLB-36X is available as either a stand-alone or as a 30W self-contained version, with either 7 or 10 Degs Vertical Divergences.




For more information on the new VLB-36X from Sabik Marine, please see here 


January 2020



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