Vega VLB-36X (NEW)

MEDIUM RANGE LANTERN 4-7 NM 7º or 10º Vertical Divergence Stand Alone & Self Contained

Vega’s VLB-36X range of marine beacons use highly efficient optics and electronics providing energy efficiency as high as 90 candela per Watt at 5 NM (depending on vertical divergence) This level of efficiency significantly reduces the solar panel and battery requirement in standalone applications.

With up to 534 Candela peak intensity with 7 and 10 degrees vertical divergence, this light is designed to meet US Coast Guard specification 502 and 503 for 5 NM self-contained beacons. 

Mounting is via 3 studs on a 200 mm diameter circle. The enclosure is fully sealed against ingress of salt spray and moisture. 

Also available as a beacon only (no solar box), this beacon is approved for use as a Class A, B and C light for artificial islands and structures in US Coast Guard 8th District under CFR 33 Part 67.

The VLB-36X lanterns are available as stand alone or self-contained versions and options include GPS Synchronised Flashing.

Vega VLB-36X (NEW)

The 7 Nautical Marine Beacon (VLB-36X) comes in 2 different vertical divergences to cover fixed and floating applications:

 • 10 degree (ideal for buoys)

 •  7 degree (for land/pole use)

It is also available as a stand-alone or a self-contained with 30 Watts solar power.

Available in Red, Green, White, and Yellow.  Optional GPS synching available.

The unique optical system utilises an acrylic lens to maximise the light capture from the LEDs. The LEDs are precisely graded and placed to produce a light beam with minimum variation in intensity. A switch mode regulator maintains the light output of the LEDs independent of input of voltage and temperature.

Made in Europe

3 Year Warranty

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