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Complete Solar Powered Airfield Lighting Solutions from one of the Worlds leading Aviation Lighting solution manufacturers.

Marine AToN Products

Dense fog, high winds, seasonal ice, freezing rain, blizzards, and months without daylight - Carmanah Sabik LED marine lanterns perform year-in,...

Obstruction Lighting

Solar and Powered Obstruction Lighting Products and Solutions. FAA and ICAO Compliant Obstruction Lighting Solutions for Crane, Obstruction,...
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Aquaculture Catalogue

Carmanah & Sabik’s marine lanterns have proven their durability for over 30 years as navigation aids in the marine industry and are well suited for aquaculture use. Carmanah/Sabik has developed a variety of different aquaculture solutions. Click here to download the Aquaculture catalogue.

Carmanah Sabik Aquaculture Catalogue
M550 1-3 NM Self Contained Lantern

The compact & versatile M550 is up to 15 times brighter than its popular M502 predecessor and is available in 2 easy-mount designs for quick installation at ports, harbours, private docks and more. Click here to find out more about the M550 and why it is so popular with so many New Zealand customers with over 1,300 supplied since being launched in 2014.

Carmanah M550 Flashing
Updated 2018/2019 Full Product Catalogue

Together Carmanah, Sabik, EKTA and Vega deliver one of the most comprehensive lines of marine lighting solutions in the world. A global distribution network covering all the continents serves customers in all longitudes and latitudes. Click below to view the Full 2018 / 2019 Carmanah Marine catalogue.

Full Carmanah Product Catalogue 2014

Sabik Marine has over 100 Yrs of experience in Marine AToNs

From small begininings in Canada in 1996, Sabik Marine has now grown into the world's largest manufacturer of marine Aids to Navigation. (AToNs)

Sabik Marine is the Marine division of Carmanah Tecnhologies, Inc of Canada. Sabik Marine incorporates Carmanah, Sabik, EKTA and Vega branded marine AToN products.

In addition to being the worlds largest manuafacturer of marine AToNs, Sabik Marine offers one of the widest range of products to meet almost every application required in the marine AToN sector.

Sabik Marine has over 100 years of combined experience across its product brands, and this combined knowledge of the marine industry and the continually changing requirements of customers ensures that Sabik Marine continues to be at the forefront of developing new products and ensuring that these maintain the reputuation for high quality and reliable products that we have become known for.

Sabik Marine is also an active Industrial member of IALA, and is committed to utilizing it's experience to improve the marine AToN industry standards and technologies.

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