Sensor Systems (NZ) Ltd.

Carmanah pioneered the design and manufacture of the world's first self-contained Solar LED marine lantern in the 1990s, and their first customer for this lantern was the US Coastguard. Very soon after the launch of this lantern, Sensor Systems Ltd became the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Carmanah Marine Lanterns. More recently this has also been extended to include the complete range of Sabik Aids to Navigation products from Sabik OY. In this time, the Carmanah M550 and its predecessor the M502 have established themselves as the preferred product for the Aquaculture industry due to their superior performance and reliability, with 000’s of these lanterns being supplied to a wide selection of customers throughout New Zealand.

With the recent retirement of the founders of Sensor Systems Ltd, a new business Sensor Systems (NZ) Ltd was established. We have been associated with Carmanah through our associated business for over 6 Years, so we have a very good understanding of the requirements and demands of these applications and the environments that these products have to operate in. We will continue to provide our customers with the same high customer service and products that they are used to, and will also continue to fully support all products with the full warranty that all Carmanah and Sabik products are supplied with.

Sensor Systems (NZ) Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive solution and supply a wide range of Marine Lighting and Aids to Navigation products covering from 1 Nm – 20+ Nm applications, Self-Contained or Wired lanterns, Range Lights, Fog Signals, Sector Lights, Atex Approved lighting as well as remotely monitored Offshore applications. So whatever your requirements, we are able to offer world class products that will deliver superior performance and reliability in even the harshest of conditions.

Carmanah and Sabik are committed to continuing their objective of being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and reliable Marine Aids to Navigation products, and we at Sensor Systems (NZ) Ltd are proud to be able to provide these products and solutions to the New Zealand market.

Carmanah Technologies Inc. (Carmanah) & Sabik Oy (Sabik)

Sabik Oy was established in Finland over 30 Years ago, whilst Carmanah is a Canadian company that started business in 1996.

Carmanah specializes exclusively in Solar Technology and is a world leader in Solar LED lighting, including Marine products. Sabik has established a reputation for developing innovative, rugged, reliable and world leading products that are designed to last in even the toughest of northern hemisphere winter conditions.

The recent launch of the Sabik LED160 continues the innovation of Sabik in the AtoN market. The Bluetooth receiver built into the lantern enables any Smartphone to be used as Remote Programmer for these lanterns from up to 50 Mtrs away with the free App available from Sabik. All future products from Carmanah and Sabik will come with this latest innovation.

Carmanah and Sabik are represented worldwide through their approved partner network. All partners are carefully selected, and are fully supported by the engineering team and are able to offer a complete solution to any requirement that you have for Marine Aids to Navigation. With over 400,000 marine lanterns supplied by Carmanah and Sabik to date, they have proven themselves all over the world to offer reliable and long lasting products that outperform other AtoNs. This is why all products come with a 3 Year warranty.

The recent acquisition of Sabik by Carmanah has brought these two companies together to create the world’s largest supplier of Marine Lanterns with over 50 Years’ experience between them. So whatever your requirements for Marine Aids to Navigation, from 1Nm Self Contained Lanterns to Remotely Monitored Offshore Buoys and Structures, we are able to offer world class leading technology solutions backed up with one of the longest lantern warranty periods available today. Carmanah Technologies Inc. is a Public company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange ( TSX: CMH)

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