Vega VRB-25


The VRB-25 LED is a high intensity rotating beacon suitable for ranges up to 25 nautical miles. Being an LED beacon, it requires minimal maintenance, is extremely energy efficient and can be monitored digitally.

It is an ideal replacement for beacons with Fresnel lenses in historic lighthouses, or locations requiring intensities greater than what can be achieved with typical stationary beacons.

This long-range rotating beacon comes in 6 or 8 panel versions. The control electronics via slip rings are based on the system used in the original incandescent version of the VRB-25, of which hundreds were deployed by the US Coast Guard.

Each panel on the VRB-25 is individually controlled, which provides greater versatility when compared to traditional rotating beacons. Each panel can be a different colour or panels can be turned on and off to create a variable flash character. In addition, multiple LED chains can be used on each panel to allow for redundancy should a fault occur in one of the LED chains.


Vega VRB-25

The VRB-25 LED has unique advantages over other stationary beacons. These include the following :


There is no lamp replacement or maintenance required, as the LED beacon will operate for over 70,000 hours. Traditional lighting such as halogen bulbs, metal-halide lamps or fluorescent tubes have lifespans under 4,000 hours.


Rotating beacons provide greater intensities with lower power consumption than stationary beacons. As the light is focussed into narrow beams instead of going in all directions at once, it is brighter. Each white LED produces over 520,000cd. When rotating at 1 RPM, the effective intensity is 209,000cd. Depending on rotation speed, the 4-tier beacon is visible up to 25NM (or 40NM at 0.85T).


The VRB-25 LED maintains the traditional beam of light sweeping through the sky, with the unique build-up and fade-out of brightness which is associated with lighthouses. This effect was lost with stationary LED beacons.


The VRB-25 LED is ideal for solar-powered applications. Solar panels and batteries can be 80% smaller than was previously required. The VRB-25’s brushless motor only consumes 1.2W of power and each LED tier uses 22.7W (6 panel).


Flash characters are produced by setting the rotation speed and selecting 6 or 8 optic panels. Group flashes can be achieved by ordering the VRB-25 with blanking panels instead of LEDs. LED panels can also be disabled if required. 

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  • Weatherproof enclosure suitable for external mounting
  • Maintenance free LED
  • Constant-current LED drivers
  • Direct-drive brushless motor
  • 1 to 15.9RPM rotation speed with 240 increments
  • Day and night intensity is adjustable from 0 to 100%
  • Automatic day/night detection
  • Optional security code
  • Programmable low-voltage cut-out
  • Selectable master/back-up operation mode
  • Digital inputs/output
  • RS232 port.
  • Made in Europe


The VRB-25 can be monitored and controlled with a VegaWeb internet subscription, and one of the following products:

  • VegaWeb Cellular Transmitter Extended IO (VWEBGPRS)
  • VegaWeb Cellular Transmitter - Standard IO (VWEB-M)
  • VegaWeb Satellite Transmitter (VWEB-SAT)
  • Vega AIS transponder (VAIS-1E/3E).