Vega VLB-92

AVAILABLE FROM 13 TO 22 NM RANGE AT 0.74T 1.6° Vertical Profile 

The VLB-92 is Vega’s brightest all-round beacon. It is ideally suited to replace incandescent beacons used as landfall lights. The LEDs are connected with redundancy in mind. If one LED malfunctions, the remaining LEDs will continue with only a slight localised reduction in intensity, but the beacon will still be within specification.

The core strength of the VLB-92 is that it can sustain an output of 80,000cd per tier on a fixed character (up to 50°C outside temperature). This is due to a large heatsink, efficient optics and high-performance LED driver (see example). The VLB-92 also has automatic Schmidt-Clausen correction to ensure short flashes are still visible at the required range. 

Vega VLB-92


  • RS232 or RS485 Data Port for monitoring and software configuration
  • Optional integrated GPS Synchronization using the VSU-29 GPS Sync Unit
  • Beacon alarm output
  • ON/OFF control inputs
  • ON/OFF status output
  • Hardwire synchronisation


  • Effective intensity settings (5,800-240,000cd)
  • Day/night transition level settings (40-250 lux range)
  • Programmable flash characters, including IALA recommended characters
  • Programmable custom character
  • Synchronisation control including master/slave options and sync delay
  • Synchronising delay can be set from 0 to 9.9 seconds
  • Low voltage cut-out setting
  • Optional security code
  • Read supply voltage
  • Vega remote programmer

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