ODSL 200

The ODSL 200 High Precision Omni-directional Sector Light is an innovative, compact new sector lantern with accurate sector borders. The lantern is equipped with a replaceable LED optical unit. The range of the lantern is between 6-14 NM (Tc = 0,74) depending on colour and flash character. EFFECTIVE 01 JAN 2017, the ODSL 200 comes standard with LightGuard Bluetooth Control App.

See here for a Video demonstrating this feature http://www.sensorsystems.co.nz/resources/videos/

ODSL 200
  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Available in 3 Tier, 6 Tier or 12 Tiered Versions
  • Increased optical performance
  • Range up to 14NMs @ TC=0.74
  • Accurate sector borders, < 0,5° uncertainty
  • Replaceable LED Units
  • Programmable using Sabik standard IR programmers
  • Lanterns supplied after 01 Jan 2017 can also be programmed with LightGuard Bluetooth control app.
  • Replaceable LED optical unit separated from the sector plate
  • Optional bird deterrent top and weather cover protect the lantern in outdoor installations
  • Easy baseplate adjustment with a rotation mechanism
  • Optics designed for high intensity LEDs
  • Sectors fully verified at Sabik photometric range prior to delivery
  • Made in Europe

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Lens Visual/Mechanical Diameter 200 mm
Lens Material UV stabilized Acrylic
Light Source High Power Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Vertical Divergence 2º @ 50% of peak intensity (FWHM)
Unit Lifetime Up to 10 years
Weight 3-tier 10.5 kgs, 6-tier 13.4 kgs, 12-tier 16.5 kgs
Weather Shield Adds approx 3.5 kgs to above 
Temperature Range -40 ºF to 140 º F (-40 ºC to 60 ºC)
Supply Voltage 9 - 30 VDC
Solar Panel Charger 16 ampere PWM charger
Power Consumption 3.5 watts/tier
Degree of protection IP 67

ODSL 200 Brochure

LightGuard Brochure

For a demonstration of this lantern, see here