Fully Integrated Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder for lanterns LED160 and SC160 I and II are now available from Sabik Marine.

Building upon the well proven and tested LED160 and SC-160I/II marine lanterns, with a AIS transponder now fully integrated into the top of the lanterns, these lanterns now offer a convenient and simple solution for any AIS application. The SC-160AIS also has the added advantage of being a completely self contained AIS lantern that offers over 10 NMs of range, with optional GSM remote monitoring also available.

Of course both of these lanterns also utilize our Sabik LightGuard Bluetooth® control app that is now used on number of different products within our portfolio. Bluetooth Control enables easy control and communication with the lanterns from up to 50 Mtrs away. All that is required from the user is a Bluetooth capable device such as a Smartphone or Tablet.





• Available in two models Type 1 (FATDMA) and Type 3 (RATDMA)

• Real time monitoring of the AtoN using VHF Maritime mobile band

• AIS transponder integrated in the top part of the lantern

• Integrated GPS antenna and external VHF antenna included

• Supports up to 10 virtual AtoNs

• Extremely low power consumption when used as Type 1 <45mW with 1 message/3 minutes (about 0,09 Ah/day)

• Support messag‚Äčes 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21 & 25

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