This high-efficiency, compact lantern is suitable for use in most solar locations. The M850 is over 30% more efficient than previous generation lanterns and is capable of an average 3 to 6 NM range with the ability to reach over 7 NM. Multiple battery pack options (60 or 96 A/Hr) provide customers the ability to cost-optimize their purchase by selecting the best solution for their installation location.

The M850 combines a compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components and a rugged design for best-in-class performance at an optimal price. This small format lantern delivers up to 445 cd (IALA peak, white) and can achieve up to 7.5 NM range at T=0.74.

  • Up to 7.5 NM Range (T=0.74)
  • Up to 10.3 NM Range (T=0.85)
  • Up to 387 peak cd (White)
  • Top-mounted, "tap-to-activate" 4-character LED display. Easily check light settings without an external controller
  • Built-in calendar function; de-activate and re-activate according to seasonal requirements
  • Simplified programming. Optional mini remote with navigational keys. No transitioning required
  • Multiple divergences for fixed or floating installations (8º or 10º)
  • 60 and 90 A/hr battery pack options. Up to 40% lighter than the Carmanah M701-5
  • Optional GPS synchronization
  • Optional low earth orbit satellite monitoring capabilities offer remote reporting via Sabik LightGuard web based portal
  • Life expectancy 15 years; 3 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Solar Panel High-efficiency cells. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection
Battery Multiple best-in-class battery pack options. 60 or 96 A/Hr. Extreme temperature range
Light Source High Flux Surface Mount LEDs with colour-specific temperature-corrected LED driver provides consistent intensity under all operating conditions
Maximum Peak Intensity 387 cd (White LEDs), 325 cd (Yellow), 265 cd (Green), 271 cd (Red)
Vertical Divergence 8° or 10° (FWHM)
Flash Patterns 250+ (including steady-on and custom codes)
Day / Night Transition Selectable from 25 to 925 lux in 25 lux increments
Construction Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate lens/head and polycarbonate/polysiloxane co-polymer base. Thermoplastic gaskets. Waterproof vented battery compartment. Colour-coded lantern head indicates LED colour.
Colours Red, Green, White, and Yellow
Operating Temperature -22 to 122 °F (-30 to 50 °C)
Storage Temperature -40 to 176 °F (-40 to 80 °C) Not including batteries.
Colour indicator Yes. Red, Green, White, and Yellow
Weight Model 60X 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)
Model 96E 11.6 lbs (5.3 kg)
Mounting 3 or 4 bolt 7.87" (200 mm) mounting pattern
Wind Loading 140 knots (72 m/s)
Ice Loading 0.03 psi (22 kg/m2)
Automatic Light Control (ALC) When enabled, ALC will dynamically reduce brightness to unusually low amounts of sunlight to ensure continued operation.
Programming Programmable with optional infrared programmer. Mini remote design with additional navigation keys.
Ingress IP 68
MIL-STD-2020G immersion & damp heat cycling
Mil-STD-810G rain & salt fog
GPS Synchronization Optional GPS enables two or more lanterns to flash in unison
Monitoring Optional Low Orbit Satellite Monitoring via Sabik Lightguard web based portal
Compliance USCG PATON 33CFR66 & CFR67 Class C
UL 2108, CSA C22.2 No.250.0, RoHS, WEEE