Vega VRL-74

From 3° Vertical Profile From 3º Horizontal Profile 

The VRL-74 is a LED range light operating through an optical grade acrylic lens. The horizontal and vertical profiles can be widened with the use of spreader lenses.

The standard offering for the VRL-74 comes in 1-6 different lenses and any of 5 colours depending on your requirements.

The VRL-74 operates at high intensity, making it suitable for use as a lead or range light. With low power consumption and LEDs that require no maintenance, it is an ideal choice for sites that are remote and solar powered.

Vega VRL-74

The long-life LEDs are a great way to reduce your maintenance budget and also reduce running cost with significant energy savings.

A simple single-optic white range light can be seen at over 19 nautical miles while using less than 5W of energy. By adding spreader lenses, both vertical and horizontal divergence can be increased, making the VRL-74 highly versatile. Spreader lenses are available in multiples of 3 degrees, with the smallest divergence being 3 degrees vertical and 3 degrees horizontal. This means the VRL-74 can be used in a broad range of locations and situations.

The VRL-74 is programmed as a single unit and can be programmed to operate day or night only or day and night continuously. The minimum night intensity is approximately 3% of the maximum intensity.

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Made in Europe

3 Year Warranty