Vega VLS-46

VLS-46 Standard Projectors 15 - 19 NM by night and 1.6 - 3.0 NM by day*

* Depending on projector configuration, 0.74T

The VLS-46 sector light brings a new solution to an old problem. In the past, safe passage was achieved by having two leading lights lined up on top of each other to inform the mariner they were in a safe passage. If the lights were directly aligned above each other, the mariner knew they were on the centre line of their approach. However, adverse marine conditions often pushed the mariner off the centre line to an unknown and hazardous location. With the VLS-46, the mariner will have precise red, white, green or yellow-coloured sectors (or a combination of two coloured flashes) to guide them through the channel safely.

The VLS-46 is ideal for harbours with narrow or difficult approaches. The modular design allows up to seven projectors to be placed side by side. This can be used to create unique sector angles, flash patterns and intensities.

Vega VLS-46


  • Only one tower is required, compared with range lights. This reduces the installation and maintenance cost by half.
  • Sectors are adjustable. Each projector can be individually adjusted to the width required for the application, within the limits defined in this brochure and product manual.
  • Energy-efficient LED technology is ideal for solar-powered sites.
  • Maintenance free design (no moving parts) will save money and time.

Lightweight marine-grade aluminium construction makes the unit light and easy to handle. For example, three 5º projectors including mounting plate weigh approximately 15.5kg.


Each sector light can be made up of one to seven projectors. The projectors are set up with their own beam widths, intensity and flash characters.

Alignment Options:

1. Edge to edge for traditional sector light applications.

2. Projectors set to the same angle to increase the range of the sector.

3. Overlapping and alternating beams to simulate oscillating boundaries.

4. Parallel beams to mark a channel that has a constant width. 


There are two variants of projector (5º and 10º), which shine a horizontal beam that can be adjusted in width (horizontal divergence).

 • 5º is the narrow-angle projector and can be adjusted between 0.5º and 5º

 • 10º is the wide-angle projector and can be adjusted between 1º and 10º

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Made in Europe

3 Year Warranty