Vega PEL-4

Available in 3.5°, 5 and 10° horizontal divergences*
Sectors are customised for every unique application

The PEL-4 is part of Vega’s flagship precision sector light offering. Using LEDs for it's light source, it combines modern optical design techniques with decades of experience to provide very sharp sector boundaries and impressive range day or night performance. Available in 3.5°, 5 and 10° horizontal divergences, the PEL4 is also available with optional Remote Monitoring and AIS.

Vega PEL-4

The Precision LED PEL (PEL-4) is energy efficient and uses significantly less power than an incandescent PEL. Virtually maintenance free, the design combines modern optics with Vega’s extensive experience to provide very sharp sector boundaries and impressive range. It also offers true oscillating boundaries to provide the best feedback to mariners about their position within sector.

The PEL-4 is a precise aid to navigation. When sailing through hazardous waters, the PEL-4 will provide sharp visual feedback whether you are inside or outside a sector. If combined with Vega’s oscillating boundary, the exact position within the sector will be known also. The PEL-4 is equipped with LED technology and is bright enough to be used day and night. It is energy efficient and maintenance free as well. This makes it solar-power friendly and removes costly re-lamping visits.

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• Horizontal divergence available from 3.5° to 10°*

• Weatherproof enclosure suitable for external mounting

• Maintenance-free LED (easy to replace if needed)

• Constant-current LED drivers

• Fully programmable IALA flash characters

• Day and night intensity is adjustable from 0.3% to 100%

• Automatic day/night detection and change-over

• Optional security code

• Programmable low-voltage cut-out

• Selectable master/back-up operation mode

• Digital input/output

• RS232 port

• Optional oscillating boundary