VegaWeb provides a plug and play solution to monitoring Aids to Navigation equipment for both Vega and third-party products. Gone are the needs for a user to have their own computer setup and communication network to operate a monitoring system.

VegaWeb utilises public communication networks and the application software resides on the internet meaning the user interfaces with the monitoring system using a web browser, just like internet banking. By eliminating big set up costs Vega Web is economical even if only one navigation light needs monitored or controlled such as an “on demand” PEL sector light.


VegaWeb can operate on three communication networks. Cellular networks providing GPRS of CDMA service. Or where cellular service is not available satellite communication is provided using the Orbcom satellite system. VegaWeb costs will vary depending on the communication option being used.

There are 2 sizes of outstation modules available with VegaWeb

  • The standard unit has a high input/output capability intended for use on the more complex items such as PEL sector lights and rotating beacons. This unit can provide site security and provide some form of automatic logic control such as the control of standby lights.
  • Mini unit has a lower input/output capability and is designed for use on less complex items such as LED beacons. This unit can also operate as a monitoring system using SMS messaging to a cellular phone eliminating the need and cost to be connected to the internet.

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