Vega VSU-29


The VSU-29 is a standalone module that can be used to synchronise the operation of most brands of navigation lights.

 A sync delay can also be programmed to delay one light from another to create a running line of lights.

The VSU-29 comes in two forms, a pole-mount option and a 44/48 option that fits directly on the Vega VLB-44 Lanterns.

Time accuracy is maintained using a GPS time signal. No position information is generated.

Vega VSU-29

The VSU-29 GPS Sync Unit uses the GPS time signal to synchronise the operation of navigation lights. Two sync wires are provided: one positive transition and the other a negative transition. This allows the VSU-29 to be used with most brands of navigation lights. Vega lights synchronise with a negative transition sync pulse.

The VSU-29 can be operated in three ways:

• Flash Character: where the same flash character is programmed in the VSU-29 as is programmed in the light

• Flash Character Generator: where the VSU-29 acts as a flash generator for a light

 • Fixed Period: where pulses are sent at a fixed period. This mode is used to synchronise lights with different flash periods. The fixed period must be a common value where multiple flashes from all the lights being synchronised occur within the fixed time period.

 In each case the start of the character or fixed period is synchronised with the GPS start time. The sync pulse can be delayed by 0.1 to 9.9 seconds if required, to create various, synchronisation effects.

All Vega LED lights can be used with the VSU-29. Note however that internal GPS sync options are available for VLB-36 and VLB-5X beacons, VLS-46 sector lights and VRL-74 range lights.

Made in Europe

3 Year Warranty

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