LightGuard is the Carmanah/SABIK product family for remote monitoring and control of all kinds of fixed and floating Aids to Navigation.

LightGuard is based on extensive experience with different remote monitoring technologies and approaches. The key elements in the LightGuard concept are:

• Reliability

Fewer interfaces, fewer problems! LightGuard monitoring is either directly integrated in the controller of the lantern or it uses current monitoring to determine the status of the light

• Simple to Install 

LightGuard can be delivered fully integrated in most Carmanah/Sabik light. Lights of other manufacturers and previous generations of Sabik lights can be monintored with LightGuard by monitoring the current to the lantern. No serial interfacing or communication protocols are needed

• Simple to Use

In most cases no special configuration is necessary. If, however,configuration is needed, it can easily be done with a user friendly Windows software. With the software it is possible to print or save documentation of the configuration made

• Reporting

LightGuard can report valuable information about the AtoN to designated mobile phones or e-mail addresses and to your LightGuard system