LightGuard Monitor

Intelligent Remote Control

LightGuard Monitor is an intelligent web-based software solution for monitoring fixed and floating aids to navigation

Optionally, it can also be used to monitor marine traffic using real-time AIS data on a real ENC chart. For the purposes of fleet management, specific ships can be permanently marked thus enabling them to be tracked easily. LightGuard Monitor is therefore also suitable for monitoring shipping and temporary navigation lights on offshore wind farm construction sites.
The state of the art, web-based interface means that it can be used on any Internet-enabled desktop computer, laptop or tablet regardless of the hardware and the operating system installed.

We have also developed the LightGuard Monitor app for mobile access to the data of your monitored stations. SMC-enabled SABIK lights facilitate two-way communication via GSM.

With a special superuser access, it is then possible to set up, program or test new stations. Carmanah lights enable one-way communication via GlobalStar satellite. You decide whether your data are stored on a secure SABIK server, a local server close by or even on your own server. With a primary server and a secondary server, there are always two redundant data stores no
matter what.


LightGuard Monitor

All components required are fully integrated

Carmanah/SABIK have developed a series of products, which contain all technical components required for remote monitoring. There are no cables or antennas. Everything is in a single housing, and ready to use.

Always the right fit

Using LightGuard Monitor, entire sections of the coast or large seaports, with hundreds of objects to be monitored, can be controlled in exactly the same manner as smaller working ports or marinas that have only a few stations. This flexible system can be adapted to your respective requirements and is always the right size to meet your needs.

Intuitive software interface

The clearly arranged interface offers an intuitive operation and only requires a browser with internet access to represent the stations monitored- independent from the installed operating system. LightGuard Monitor allows the representation as list or on an electronic nautical chart. This allows the user to always keep the most important information in view.

Simultaneous monitoring of aids to navigation and vessel traffic

LightGuard Monitor is also suited for monitoring of vessel traffic by means of real-time AIS data on the electronical chart. For smaller sea ports and marinas, this is the optimal software solution in order to monitor your own nautical aids and the vessel traffic simultaneously.

LightGuard Monitor makes you mobile

We have also developed the LightGuard Monitor App for iOS devices, to give you the opportunity to access your data while you are on the go. The app and its usage on the smartphone is free of charge for users of the LightGuard Monitor application.


Sabik LightGuard Brochure


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