OL370w White Obstruction Light - Medium Intensity

The OL370w is an FAA L-865 white medium intensity obstruction lighting system for FAA D-type towers. It also complies with CAR 621 2nd edition regulations for CL-865 medium intensity flashing lights and ICAO 6th edition standards for type A medium intensity obstacle lights.

The system is housed in a single enclosure with a low voltage environment, removing the need for an interlock switch—alarms can remain active, even while the door is open. Firmware upgrades are quick and easy, requiring no controller modifications.


OL370w White Obstruction Light - Medium Intensity
  • Fully compliant with:
    • FAA L-865 medium-intensity white flashing obstruction light configurable to meet both AC 70/7460-1K and 1L
    • ICAO 6th edition standards for medium-intensity type A obstacle lights
    • CAR 621 2nd edition for medium-intensity CL-865 flashing lights
  • Single enclosure and cable system makes setup easy
  • Flexible status monitoring thanks to LTE data connectivity
  • Robust, low-maintenance design


• Industry-leading 25kA surge immunity  

• Minimized ground scatter via patented Fresnel optics 

• LTE modem data connection for greater dependability  

• Durable photodiode in metal housing with shielded cable 

• No replaceable fuses required thanks to input power breaker switch 

• Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna for status notifications and diagnostics  

• ADLS interface  

• Configurable to meet AC 70/7460-IL  

• Dry contact monitoring  

• 5-year warranty  


 Infrared marker LEDs 

• SMART card: monitor and control your system remotely and receive diagnostic information through LTE modem or ethernet-based connectivity  

• GPS synchronization  

• Remote firmware upgrade

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 Input Voltage

 120-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz

+24VDC Optional

+48VDC Optional

 Frequency  50-60 Hz
 Flash Head Dimensions  400.0 mm dia. x 180.57 mm 
 Flash Head Weight  11.92 kgs
 Flash Head Aerodynamic Wind Area  63,900.51 mm2 
 Controller Dimensions  23" x 17.13" x 6.44"
 Controller Weight  20 kgs
 Protection Rating  IP65, NEMA 4X