OL370d Dual Obstruction Medium Intensity

The OL370d is a dual medium-intensity LED obstruction lighting system ideal for FAA E-type towers between 200' and 700' AGL. It uses a simplified single enclosure and cable system for power, control, and monitoring, ensuring streamlined operation and quick and easy status monitoring.

OL370d Dual Obstruction Medium Intensity

The OL370d is a dual FAA L-864/L-865 medium intensity LED lighting system ideal for FAA E-type towers between 200’ and 700’ AGL. The system complies with CAR 621 2nd edition for medium intensity CL-864/CL-865 flashing lights and ICAO 7th edition standards for medium intensity Type A/ Type B obstacle lights.

The OL370d uses a single cable for all communications, and beacon and marker power. Interleaved LEDs and by-pass circuitry provide the light with a longer lifespan. The system is housed in a single enclosure with a low voltage environment, removing the need for an interlock switch—alarms can remain active, even while the door is open. Firmware upgrades are quick and easy, requiring no controller modifications

  • Fully compliant with:
    • •  FAA L-864/L-865 dual medium-intensity flashing obstruction light configurable to meet both AC 70/7460-1K and 1L
    • •  ICAO 7th edition standards for medium-intensity type A/type B obstacle lights
    • •  CAR 621 2nd edition for medium-intensity CL-864/CL-865 flashing lights
    • •  FAA L-885 low intensity catenary requirements
  • Single enclosure and cable system makes setup easy
  • Flexible status monitoring thanks to LTE data connectivity
  • Robust, low-maintenance design


• Industry-leading 25kA surge immunity

• Minimized ground scatter via patented Fresnel optics

• LTE modem data connection for greater dependability

• Durable photodiode in metal housing with shielded cable

• No replaceable fuses required thanks to input power breaker switch

• Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna for status notifications and diagnostics

• ADLS interface • Configurable to meet AC 70/7460-IL

• Dry contact monitoring

• 5-year warranty



• Infrared marker LEDs

• SMART card

• GPS synchronization

• Remote Firmware Upgrades

• TECK90 Support

• Solar engine power source

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 Input Voltage 

 100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz ±24 VDC (optional) ±48 VDC (optional)​                                          


   50-60 Hz​

 Marker Power   Consumption            

   2.1 watts per marker (not included in system consumption)

 Marker Dimensions

   228.6 x 69.9 x 54.1 mm

 Marker Weight

    0.7 kgs

 FH Dimensions

   15.75” dia. x 7.31” 

 FH Weight

   11.92 kgs

 FH Aerodynamic Wind   Area

   99.125 in2

 Controller Dimensions

   23” x 17.13” x 6.44” 

 Controller Weight             

   20 kgs

 Protection Rating

   IP65, NEMA 4X