FTS-350i Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

The new FTS-350i Medium Intensity Obstruction Light from Flash Technology is a small, light and easy to install, the FTS-350i infrared obstruction light meets L-864 specifications for FAA wind turbines under FAA AC 150/5345-43J and AC 70/7460-1L. It is also suitable for ICAO Type B Red Medium Intensity Obstruction Light applications.

Specifically developed to meet customer applications for compliant cost effective Obstruction lighting, the FTS-350i offers a economical solution where some of the more advanced features and higher level surge protection offered by the FTS-370i-2 lantern is not required. 

The FTS-350i is also much smaller and lighter than the FTS-370i-2 lantern, so where installation space is limited or weight is a significant factor, then the FTS-350i offers an alternative solution in these situations.

FTS-350i Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
  • A fully integrated lighting system, the FTS 350i does not have a controller taking up scarce space inside the nacelle.
  • Due to small size and weight, the light is convenient to carry while climbing the turbine.
  • Standard infrared (IR) LEDs warn pilots using night vision systems of the obstruction.
  • Fresnel optics minimize ground scatter, reducing light pollution in communities near wind farms
  • Double the FAA-specified minimum for obstruction lights, its 10kA surge protection guards against lightning strikes.
  • GPS sync allows the light to flash in synchronization with other lights on the wind farm.
  • Monitor the FTS 350i via a dry contact that generates an alarm if there is a failure switching on at night, with the GPS or the beacon’s performance.