Updated VLB-44X Launched

Sabik Marine have recently introduced the new VLB-44X mid-range LED marine lantern.

Building upon the popular and well proven Vega VLB-44 that have been supplied across the globe, the VLB-44X is the latest example of the continued investment and on-going development across our product range.

A significant customer for the VLB-44 was the US Coast Guard, and they have welcomed the new VLB-44X into their marine AtoN product solution with a significant order for these already.

Whilst based on the VLB-44, the new VLB-44X was able to benefit from the combined technical and development resources of Sabik Marine, and one example of the benefits of this was that we were able to get the same performance out of a 3 Tier VLB-44X that in the past would have required a 7 or 8 Tier solution.

The new VLB-44X is also more efficient, and therefore requires less power supply, so again offering benefits where the lantern is being powered by solar power supply.




For more information on the new VLB-44X from Sabik Marine, please see here 

December  2019


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