Sabik  5-Tier LED350H replaces old damaged Lighthouse at Godley Head, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury, NZ

Commissioned 07 Dec 2015 by Environment Canterbury NZ (ECan)

Amongst the many casualties of the earthquakes in the Christchurch region in 2011 was a lighthouse located at Godley Head, near Lyttelton.

The light was first installed in 1865, and went through several upgrades and a move 50m down the cliff face during WWII to keep it away from newly built heavy gun emplacements. The lighthouse provided safe navigation assistance for mariners for over 140 years until, due to significant damage caused by the earthquakes, it was decommissioned in 2011.

With modern navigation aids and other tools available today to mariners, it was initially decided that there was no need to replace the lighthouse, and that mariners had sufficient tools to navigate without this well established aid to navigation.

However, due to the persistent determination of a small number of experienced mariners, including Captain Dave McLoughlin who captains one of the Holcim NZ Ltd bulk cement carriers that operates regularly into the Port of Lyttelton, this decision was reviewed in 2013.

Environment Canterbury NZ (ECan) selected a Sabik LED350H with 5 Tiers as the most suitable replacement lantern after evaluating alternatives. Mr Graham Burge, the (now retired) agent for Sabik in NZ via Sensor Systems Ltd, worked closely with Mr Ian Fox of ECan on the project. This included customizing the lantern to meet the specific requirements of the location.

The requirements were for a lantern to at least match the 18 NM's range of the old light, with a 180 Deg light sector operating dusk to dawn.

After many frustrations and hoop jumping for ECan, the new, improved, modern mini version of the lighthouse at Godley Head (i.e. the Sabik LED350H) beamed out its first light at dusk on the 7th December 2015.

Existing Lighthouse located down cliff face – damaged in 2011 Christchurch Earthquake


LED350H lantern, 5 Tier with 180 Deg Sector shield. Lantern optics were custom modified to project only forward 180 Deg sector to suit customers application.

Left to right: Graham Burge (Sensor Systems) Kim Drummond (ECan Director of Resource Management), Ian Fox (ECan Deputy Regional Harbour Master), Capt. Dave McLoughlin (Holcim NZ) & Hamish Murrell (HGM Construction)


Having now been installed for just over a month, the feedback from both the customer and one of the most frequent and determined users of this AtoN have been very positive indeed.

I must say that 36NMs is an impressive range from which to see a light that has a stated nominal range of 18NMs!

Ian Fox, ECan Deputy Regional Harbourmaster

We picked the light up at 36NMs this morning (impressive)!!!

Capt. Dave McLoughlin, Holcim NZ Ltd


If you would like to know more information on the LED350H, or other Marine Aids to Navigation available from Carmanah and Sabik in New Zealand, please see or alternatively contact ourselves and we will be happy assist.


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