Sabik introduces the LED160 - world's first Bluetooth capable Marine Lantern

Sabik is pleased to introduce its new LightGuard Bluetooth® app based on Bluetooth® Smart technology. This advanced app will revolutionize the programming and control of marine lanterns with an easy to use interface and built-in intelligence. The first product to have this feature is the LED160 lantern, which features world leading best in class optics, is available with 3 optical divergences and has a range of up to 12 NMs. The LED160 is designed to be installed on either fixed or floating structures.

The app is available for iOS and Android 4.4 phones which are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Sabik’s LED 160 is the first lantern to be LightGuard Bluetooth® ready and more Sabik
products will soon be introduced with this functionality. So now you can program and check the status of the lantern fitted with this feature from up to 50 meters away. No more special remotes are required.

“We are very excited to show the way for the industry yet again with the launch of our new LightGuard Bluetooth® app! It is the first of its kind in the industry and another great example of how far our talented R&D team can stretch. Users will be impressed by the skilled integration of different platforms to achieve a user-friendly interface, exceptional functionality and solid reliability”, explains Lars Mansner, Managing Director of Sabik Oy.

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Sabik LED160 Bluetooth Marine Lantern


Programming the LED160 using a Smartphone and Bluetooth