New Sabik SLU-24 / SLU-36 Lighthouse LED Upgrade Launched 

Sabik Marine are pleased to advise of their latest product release, the SLU-24 & SLU-36 LED upgrade for existing lighthouses.

Both Sabik Lighthouse Units (SLU)s are designed to replace existing lamps in traditional lighthouses to enable these to be upgraded to the latest LED technology, without having to replace the entire lantern.

By simply replacing the light source unit with a new SLU-24 or SLU-36 from Sabik Marine, old style lanterns can not only benefit from the many advantages of modern LEDs such as energy efficient and reliability, but also the lantern can benefit from optional upgrades such as GPS synchronised flashing and integrated GSM Remote Monitoring.

Another benefit from using more modern LEDs as the light source is that some existing lighthouses may be able to utilize modern solar power solutions instead or mains or generator powered requirements.

We will add more details on the new SLU-24 and SLU-36 to our website soon, but in the meantime for more information, please see here.













To see a Video demonstration of the benefits of the new SLU-24 / SLU-36 LED Upgrades, see the video below:







December 2019


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