New FTS-350i Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Launched

Flash Technology has been making Aviation Obstruction lights in the USA since 1970, and since this time has supplied solutions for more than 60,000 projects worldwide.

All Flash Technology products comply with the relevant FAA or ICAO standard for the given application, and offer solutions from small solar powered marker and Low Intensity lights to AC and DC powered Low, Medium and High Intensity Obstruction lights.

The all new FTS-350i is a AC powered FAA L-864 / ICAO Type B Red Medium Intensity Obstruction light for customers requiring just a basic compliant solution for their application.

Whilst meeting regulatory compliances, the FTS-350i offers a smaller, lighter and more cost effective solution where only a Red Flashing light is required.

The FTS-350i requires no external controller or flasher to operate and comes standard with IR LEDs and GPS for Synchronised Flashing.

The FTS-350i is also significantly smaller and lighter than the alternative FTS-370i solution.


For more information on the FTS-350i, please see here


November 2020


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