Vega VLB-5X


Vega’s fully self-contained up to 5.5 NM beacon, the VLB-5X includes the latest LED technology; new battery technology; and an advanced charging algorithm, which supports the battery to perform well in extreme weather conditions.

The VLB-5 is capable of delivering up to 5.5 NM of visible light @ TC=0.74. Also available with optional GPS and Remote Monitoring.

The VLB- has been extremely successful for Vega, with 000's sold worldwide since introduced, with the US Coastguard being a significant user of the VLB-5.


Vega VLB-5X

• Optical range – 5.5 NM

• Battery technology and advanced charging algorithm 

  - Excellent battery life in hot climates 

  - Excellent battery capacity in cold climates 

  - Excellent battery tolerance to becoming flat

• Large solar cell capacity 8W or 16W

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