This extended feature version of the VLB-44 is intended for applications where an increased level of control and monitoring is required compared to the standard version. These additional features allow the beacon to be used in harbour traffic light applications as detailed in the IALA recommendation E-111 1998.

The beacon comes in 3 models with different vertical divergences to cover fixed and floating based applications:

 • VLB-44 10 degree (ideal for buoys)

• VLB-44 5 degree (for land/pole use)

• VLB-44 2.5 degree (for lighthouses)



Vlb-44 can be configured from one to eight tiers and can be sized to the range of a particular application. Multiple units can be used to extend the range to 16 Nm. Each tier uses approximately 10 Watts of energy. The available colours are, red, green, white, yellow and blue. All colours meet the IALA chromaticity recommendation.

The unique optical system utilises an acrylic lens to maximise the light capture from the LEDs. The LEDs are precisely graded and placed to produce a light beam with minimum variation in intensity. A switch mode regulator maintains the light output of the LEDs independent of input of voltage and temperature.

All VLB-44 beacons are tested in the Vega zero range light tunnel prior to shipment to ensure the light output meets the required specification.


Programming is done using Vega IR programmer.

• External GPS sync using the Vega VSU-29 unit.

• VegaWeb monitoring system.

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