E8592 Projector Sector Light

E8592 Projector Sector (Port Entry) Light

The E8592 is our entry level LED Projector sector light, with a Daytime range of up to 2.3NMs and Nightime up to 17NMs. (TC=0.74) 

The E8592 is a high-performance, power efficient marine LED Projector sector lantern with composite beam of three signal colours featuring nearly identical luminous intensities. Sector configuration is tailored to customer requirements at the factory. All E859X Lanterns provide factory configured Day and Night mode luminous intensities selectable by a single digital input, supporting fast PWM control necessary for generating navigational signals at reduced intensities, as well as for utilizing Fixed-and-Flashing (FFL) rhythmic characters or Slow Flash Front (SFF).

The field proven E8592 design can be offered with optional Opposite-Isophase sector signal control for producing rhythmic characters reducing the latency of spatial awareness update for the mariners: the white sector signal is active during the eclipse in the coloured sectors and vice versa, resulting in immediate awareness about leaving the white sector without the usual delay caused by the common eclipse.


E8592 Projector Sector Light
  • Power efficient Day/Night light signalling system for port entry lights or leading line systems replacement
  • IALA colours Red, Green, White with application-specific luminous intensities nearly uniform up to 40kcd
  • Factory-customized sector configuration with precision of ≤ 0.05° (3’)
  • Sector with 3° to 6° with total subtense of approximately 13°
  • Vertical divergence either 1.8° or 3°
  • Boundary resolution typically better than 2’
  • Robust light signal unit that can be equipped with a Sabik SMC Flasher or with external Ekta control and monitoring system
  • Day and Night mode luminous intensities configured in hardware, peak value depending on selected colour and horizontal divergence
  • Internal optical LED performance diagnostics with condition output
  • Available with optional Opposite-Isophase sector signal control

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Number of sectors 3 ( R / W / G )                 
Typical peak luminous intensity of the light signal per colour 
40,000 cd
Nominal range, Night / Day (T=0.74) up to 17 M / 2.3 M

Subtense angle coverage per sector (total approximately 13°)

≤3°        ≤3°        ≤6°

Vertical divergence, typical

1.8°         3°         3°

Power consumption in flash

≤15W    ≤45W   ≤80W

Achievable boundary resolution

≤ 0.04° (2’)
Range of beam adjustment in field conditions, H / V ±6° / ±2°