Port Entry Lights (PEL) now available from Carmanah Marine

Following the recent acquisition of the EKTA branded marine AToN assets of Cybernetica, we are pleased to be able to offer these now as part of our expanded Carmanah Marine product solutions for marine Aid to Navigation requirements.

The EKTA brand incorporates a range of products, but one of the first product groups to be fully incorporated and promoted by Carmanah Marine is the LED Projector or Port Entry Light (PEL) sector lights that are used where precise navigation guidance is required such as in very narrow Port Harbour entrances or narrow passages like canals etc.

There are 3 different options offering solutions up to 5NMs by Day and 23 NMs by night (TC=0.74). So depending on your requirements, we can now offer a very cost effective solution where you need Daytime as well as Nighttime precision sector lights for safe navigation of marine traffic.

















Full details will be available on our website shortly, but if you would like to know more in the meantime, please contact us.


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