Carmanah introduce their latest Bluetooth Marine Lanterns - the SC-160 I & II

Continuing on the path of introducing Bluetooth technology across their products, Carmanah Marine is pleased to introduce their latest self-contained marine lantern development with the new SC-160 lantern.

The SC 160 is a self-contained medium range LED lantern with best-in-class optical performance for fixed and floating structures. It is available in two different sizes SC 160-I and SC 160-II. The SC-160-I has a smaller battery and solar panels that the larger SC-160-II, but otherwise they are are the same. The SC 160-I has a range of up to 8 nautical miles (Tc=0.74) whilst the SC 160-II has a range of up to 10 nautical miles (Tc=0.74) or up to 14 NMs ( Tc=0.85)

The SC 160 incorporates the optical head unit from the LED 160 and combines it with a new rugged injection moulded aluminum housing. It can be remotely monitored using the optional LightGuard Monitor software, or controlled with Bluetooth® Control, an app enabling users to check the lantern status or change any settings from up to 50 meters away from any smartphone or Bluetooth capable device.

For more information see here, or see the Brochure here SC 160-II Brochure 


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