LightGuard Bluetooth equipped Product Range extended

Effective from 01 January 2017, we have added as a standard feature our LightGuard Bluetooth control app to the following Sabik Marine products:

  • ODSL 200 Omni Directional Precision Sector Lantern
  • LED 350 Omni Directional Lantern
  • LED 350H High Intensity Omni Directional Lantern (from Jan 2018 )
  • LO 200 Medium Range Sector light
  • ​​It is also available as an option on the LED155

The addition of the LightGuard Bluetooth App to these products offers users the many benefits of this feature, which enables authorized users the ability to use any Bluetooth capable device to check lantern status, battery status and charge, and to confirm or change the lantern's settings from up to 50 mtrs away. There is no additional cost for this upgrade, and no associated costs with using this app. 

So this makes the task of checking lanterns on high structures or moving buoys much quicker and safer, as well as making it a much less time consuming task. It also means that you don't need to purchase specialist programming hardware, meaning more authorized staff can use this feature on any Bluetooth capable smartphones and tablets that you already own. The LightGuard Bluetooth app is available for both the latest Android and iOs smartphones and devices.

These latest additions to the Bluetooth control app group of lanterns are just part of our continual improvements to our products, with a focus of being the leader in developing solutions like this Bluetooth app which greatly enhances our customers’ ability to carry out regular checks on the lanterns whilst installed in challenging situations as safely and efficiently as possible.

The LightGuard Bluetooth product family now includes the following lanterns from Sabik Marine:

We will continue to extend this feature across our existing and new products in the future, ensuring our customers can use the many benefits of this app across a wide range of their marine aid to navigation products.

For more information on our LightGuard Bluetooth lantern control App, please see here.





09 January 2017


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